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Author: Fabrizio Cornia - FACILITATE

Fabrizio Cornia

">Watch the webinar – Maximizing the societal benefit and lasting impact of clinical trials 

Friday, 19 April 20242:00 to 3:30 pm CET Increasing stakeholder engagement and empowering participants to FACILITATE the effective return of clinical trial data  Join us in the vision of this insightful overview and roundtable discussion of the FACILITATE...

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">A mutual work for patients’ empowerment

The return of individual data to clinical trial participants as a means of patient empowerment was once again featured at the annual Patients as Partners in Clinical Research US Conference, which took place in Philadelphia, Pa, on March 20-22nd. The theme of this...

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Maximizing the societal benefit and lasting impact of clinical trials. Increasing stakeholder engagement and empowering participants to FACILITATE the effective return of clinical trial data Event Date: Friday, 19 April 2024Event Time: 2:00 to 3:30 pm CET REGISTER...

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">For data return, the time is ripe

On November 29, at the Clinical Trials Europe meeting held in Barcelona, FACILITATE made a significant contribution to this important annual gathering, which for two days becomes a nexus for patients, health authorities, ethics committees, pharmaceutical companies,...

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">Enabling Individual Participant Data Return (iPDR): An Overview of TransCelerate’s Individual Participant Data Return Package

Event Date: Thursday, 28 March 2024Event Time: 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. EST Join us for an overview of TransCelerate’s Individual Participant Data Return (iPDR) Package, a comprehensive set of materials that provide general considerations to enable data return to...

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">let’s FACILITATE – Year 3 Issue 1


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">Biasotto R et al. Public Preferences for Digital Health Data Sharing: Discrete Choice Experiment Study in 12 European Countries. J Med Internet Res 2023; 25: e47066

KEYWORDS: Governance; digital health data; preferences; Europe; discrete choice experiment; data use; data sharing; secondary use of data

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">Blom JMC et al.  The nexus of social alliances and diverse moral domains: a bedrock for participatory clinical research. Front Med 2023; 10:1250247

KEYWORDS: health data-sharing, clinical trials, decision-making, informed consent, social alliance

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">For secondary use, trust is the key word

In the last two months, FACILITATE researchers of Workpackage 3 have organized and managed three different consultations with patients and experts about granularity of choice in Secondary Use of Data in the clinical trial context.The first consultation – entitled...

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">A technological process with a legal-ethical core

From October 23-27 2023, Horizon Europe 2024 - the European Research Promotion Agency's (APRE) annual event - took place with 5 days of information meetings on the themes and calls of the Framework Program for Research and Innovation.It was a relay of information...

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">Demystifying Individual Participant Data Return

Dec 20, 2023 |

On 17 October, 2023, Johanna Blom, Coordinator of FACILITATE, Véronique Poinsot, Project Leader of FACILITATE and Swapna Pothula, member of the TransCelerate initiative, participated at Scope EU Congress in Barcelona, in a panel entitled “Demystifying Individual...

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