Welcome to our podcast series, with which you will immerse into the FACILITATE world. We will explain you what we mean by returning clinical trial data to participants in a legal and ethical framework within a patient-centric ecosystem. We will familiarise you to the relevance of clinical trial dataset reuse and its impact on future clinical research. We will show you what the benefits for the stakeholders are, and which the challenges for an increasingly equitable health and more competitive research in Europe.

Join us on the FACILITATE journey, an example of innovation in the search for a more inclusive, transparent, and patient-focused approach to clinical trials and healthcare.

Episode 2. Why FACILITATE, why now?

Episode 2. Why FACILITATE, why now?

Johanna MC Blom, deputy coordinator of FACILITATE, traces the path of the project by explaining its rationale, analysing the context in which it was born, anticipating the concepts of ethical and legal frameworks, and emphasizing the benefits to stakeholders and...

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