Phase 1

Explore, Assess, and Align

Focuses on the needs and rights of the patients and study participants and has the purpose to gather all information needed for designing the FACILITATE platform in compliance with ethical, legal, technical, and regulatory specifications. The initial part of this phase, the engagement phase, will focus on the elicitation of patient needs and expectations which are at the centre of the project, with the help of patient representatives, partners of the project. The reach-out to other stakeholders will start after the initial phase so that they will be considered in light of the critical points defined by patient representatives in a the first phase. No technical solution nor legal and GDPR compliant process can be viable should the patients not be heard, involved, and committed to the project in in the first place: they must validate who will be entitled to access their data and for which use.

Phase 2


Focuses on developing technical requirements and creating a prototype process with the Proof of Concept (PoC) platform. The definition of the technical requirements and prototype architecture is led by the Zentrix Lab. The development of end user tools, interoperability vocabularies, and PoC platform is led by Odysseus and Zentrix Lab.
Phase 3


Focuses on testing the FACILITATE prototype process in clinical partners centres and in use cases to be agreed with EFPIA.

Phase 4

Follow Up, Sharing, Norming, and Evaluation

Focuses on providing recommendations concerning the new procedures needed to involve and train patients and stakeholders and involves the technical details of the FACILITATE platform to redesign clinical trials.

Our Values

Patients First

We embrace the challenge of giving patients the loudest voice.

Patients serve as our inspiration in decision making and prioritization of the work, we do to serve them. We’re highly committed to this common mission.

Create a common space

We know none of the many stakeholders can achieve FACILITATE’S goal alone, so we work as a team to move FACILITATE’s mission forward. Within FACILITATE, we will develop the space for each of us to contribute the best of our selves and treat our partners with respect, embracing our differences as our strengths.


Remarkable Optimism

The curiosity that has sparked the development of FACILITATE turns concern into wonder. All partners come with the best intentions and seek to understand the other. Our resourcefulness strengthens us as a team, our enthusiasm carries us forward, and our curiosity helps us find the most innovative solutions.

Lead with Integrity

FACILITATE demands that we’re accountable to one another, which forces us to trust each other and work together more effectively. We need to be transparent and constructive. Do what we say you we’ll do.

A paradigm shifting endeavor

FACILITATE sees opportunity in an enormous challenge; opportunity to innovate, to create change, and move beyond the present. Our actions are intentional and emphasize impact to move things forward.