Bristol Myers Squibb

Through growing operations and investments in Europe, Bristol Myers Squibb is charting new paths in the design and discovery of new healthcare solutions, combining medical innovation, data and technology.

BMS innovations have radically improved survival expectations for cancer and cardiovascular disease patients, leading to transformations in the way these diseases are treated and saving countless lives.

BMS works globally with over 300 patient groups to support education and engagement, and to ensure the voice of the patient is heard and considered in the design and implementation of clinical trials, as well as in the development of care solutions. 

Currently, BMS has 17 projects underway as a partner in the Innovative Health Initiative (IHI), and partners with a significant number of biotech and academia groups in Europe, to enable the discovery and development of advanced scientific platforms to deliver life-changing treatments for patients.  

Finally, policy partnerships, through awareness-raising activities and collaboration with key stakeholders and decision makers, are a significant priority for BMS in Europe.

Role in the Facilitate Project

BMS will contribute to:

  • WP2: Legal and Data privacy framework, Informed consent
  • WP3: Ethics, standardization, and regulatory framework
  • WP4 and WP5: Platform architecture design and requirements; quality process and audit expertise
  • WP5: Technology framework and interoperability solution
  • WP6: Co-leader and contribution to Stakeholders’ Engagement and Communication and Dissemination Strategy