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Hand by hand towards trusted alliances - FACILITATE

Hand by hand towards trusted alliances

“Returning Individual Participant Data, A Cultural and Organizational Shift Toward Personalized Clinical Trial Options” was the DIA 2023 ILLUMINATE topic for panelists from TransCelerate, MRCT, Pfizer, and FACILITATE, with more than 200 attendees.

The panel discussion chaired by Jean Sposaro, offered a great platform to focus on the various perspectives, from academia to industry, regarding making individual participant data return feasible and actionable. Emphasis was put on flexibility and personalized approaches to support patient needs and increase diversity, inclusion, and access.

Panelists were asked to discuss opportunities to build trusted alliances across all stakeholders that will empower participants to become more informed decision makers, have greater access to the data they contribute and explore potential mechanisms that will integrate a person’s clinical trial data with personal clinical care data, by developing patient centered plans and policy based on transparency and a shared sense of purpose

The different organizations demonstrated how collaborative public-private consortia can maximize value in working hand by hand toward shared objectives trying to overcome barriers and bringing complementary angles to pragmatic strategies to improve personalized flexible clinical trial options for returning certain types of individual participant data without impacting data integrity, confidentiality, safety, and drug approval timelines.

In the words of Jennifer Burgess, VP TransCelerate, “What a beautiful demonstration of two critical pieces of work, being led by different organizations, but complementary, and in lockstep. You did an outstanding job representing the work of many, and what a great moment it was for me personally to see three impactful industry leaders supporting each of our organization’s endeavors for the betterment of patients”.

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