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Health-related data protection - FACILITATE

Health-related data protection

In accordance with resolutions 75/282 and 76/552 of the UN’s General Assembly, FACILITATE partner Privanova joined the expert panel of the Ad Hoc Committee tasked with drafting a Comprehensive International Convention on Combating the Use of Information and Communications Technologies for Criminal Purposes.

One of the main objectives of the contribution to the convention drafting was to highlight the possibility of exploiting EU-funded project results in a way that promotes the general understanding of cyber criminality to better counter it. In this context, Privanova included in the recommendations formulated for the Ad Hoc Committee, an acknowledgment of its portfolio projects.

Substantively, the negotiations aim to better combat cybercrime by first identifying and categorizing them efficiently, and then by reinforcing cooperation in the matter. To achieve this, the United Nations is following a multilateral methodology based on seeking consensus among the member states that will be invited to sign the convention. The convention drafting also aims to engage multiple stakeholders and emphasise the role of all actors in combatting cyber criminality.

Health-related data is at top priority in the European Union’s data strategy. This explains our engagement in FACILITATE in assisting policy-making that protects fundamental rights when processing this valuable data. Concerns regarding the health data usage and protection were thus mentioned during the panel’s discussions.

Our recommendations were also based on the results of EU-funded projects in which Privanova is participating. These results encompass analyses of frameworks for the protection of fundamental rights such as the right to privacy as well as the importance of solid cooperation between involved entities.

In this regard, the delegation of the European Union at the United Nations praised the highlighting of EU initiatives that aim to reinforce the cybersecurity capabilities of the UN member states.


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