KOM First Event

The FACILITATE project held its kick-off meeting on January 24th – 25th, 2022. Due to the pandemic COVID-19 crisis, it was decided to hold the meeting virtually.

It successfully brought together all the key players of the FACILITATE project. With more than 100 participants, representing 27 beneficiaries from 17 countries, the meeting proved very fruitful for initiating the project and starting the work.


The Kick-Off meeting not only allowed to introduce the scope and structure of the project, its overall management concepts and the detailed work plans of the individual work packages, but also paved the way for a common understanding of the connections between the work packages.

The overall concept of FACILITATE and its role were presented by Luca Pani (Coordinator – UNIMORE), Silvano Berioli (Patient Engagement – EUPATI), Véronique Poinsot (Industry leader – Sanofi) and Iwona Jablonska (IMI – Scientific Officer) during the opening session.


Work package leaders gave an overview of planned work and structure, and introduced the goals and activities of the work packages. In order to present the work plan with a clear understanding by all partners of the aims and responsibilities of each contributor, specific cross work package sessions were organized. Iwona Jablonska presented the IMI rules and members of the project management office the project management model.