let’s FACILITATE – Year 1 Issue 1

Dec 1, 2022 | Report

Almost one year has passed since the project started in January 2022 and FACILITATE has remained true to its mission: to put patients at the center of the clinical trial process with regards to return and reuse of results after their involvement in a clinical trial.

A lot has happened this year: all the objectives have been reached and due deliverables sent to IHI, research activities are ongoing, legal, ethical, and regulatory studies are underway, internal meetings are held regularly, and expert decision-making committees have been set up.

All this progress was successfully discussed at the first General Assembly meeting, which has just been concluded in Modena, Italy, under the banner of optimism and awareness that the project is growing and making progress within all work packages.

We inaugurate this first number of let’s FACILITATE with an overview of the General Assembly meeting and a focus on a topic of interest. We wish to the consortium to work together taking concrete steps towards development and construction of real outcomes.

Véronique Poinsot, Johanna Blom


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