Medical University of Graz

The Medical University of Graz (MUG) is associated with the University Clinics of Graz, with 1600 beds and 78000 patients/ year. MUG teaches 4300 students and offers 2 PhD Programs and 3 Doctoral Colleges.
Expertise: Medical care, clinical trials, molecular diagnostics, research, education and training, biomarker development, quality management and regulatory affairs, strong background in international Biobanking, expertise in molecular and imaging medical data (next generation sequencing, digital imaging), developing of solutions for communicating results from medical research to patients in context of Biobanking, providing the link to BBMRI-ERIC, long term relationship with patient advocacy groups, building secure and trusted environments for medical research data.

Role in the Facilitate Project

Experience and solutions concerning reporting data back to patients in context of biobanking and research programs with industry, also with relevance to clinical trials. Engagement with patient advocacy groups, data security and privacy, data governance, secondary use of data, benefit sharing etc.