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TransCelerate and FACILITATE: a workshop to set synergies - FACILITATE

TransCelerate and FACILITATE: a workshop to set synergies

On 21 March 2023, in Basel, Switzerland, the TransCelerate project co-hosted a workshop with EFPIA – European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations to collaborate on modernizing clinical trials and preclinical research while maximizing impact. 

The workshop was the opportunity to raise the need to set robust and simple mechanism to exchange some contents between TransCelerate and IMI projects. For example, IMI-FACILITATE and TransCelerate Participant Data Return or Privacy Methodology have common interests.

For the TransCelerate project, participant data return is focused on the development of pragmatic resources to enable sponsors’ return of meaningful individual data to clinical trial participants who opt in to receive it and building trust in the research enterprise by enabling access to an individual’s data for their personal care. FACILITATE, taking a broader angle on legal and ethical frameworks based on trust and with patient needs at its core, would make the exchange a win-win scenario.

Waiting for a formal agreement and bridge between the TransCelerate and FACILITATE initiatives to leverage work already done from both parts (which may take months/years), public materials can be consulted.  Material publicly available here: Participant Data Return – TransCelerate (

The workshop was a true moment of open and trustful exchanges, looking for synergy between IMI and TransCelerate projects, and paving the road to a full complementary articulation between the organizations, eventually, for the benefit of patients.


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