Watch the webinar – Maximizing the societal benefit and lasting impact of clinical trials 

Apr 22, 2024 | News, Webinars

Friday, 19 April 2024
2:00 to 3:30 pm CET

Increasing stakeholder engagement and empowering participants to FACILITATE the effective return of clinical trial data 

Join us in the vision of this insightful overview and roundtable discussion of the FACILITATE project and its promising innovations to enable individual data return to clinical study participants.

We delved into the progress achieved to date and outline our next steps. What set this session apart is the inclusion of diverse perspectives from key stakeholders. Alongside patient testimonials, we heard from clinicians, representatives from companies, and regulatory bodies. This varied panel ensured a comprehensive discussion that reflects the project’s multidimensional impact and fosters collaboration among stakeholders.

The webinar included

  • an introduction to FACILITATE and its potential innovations.
  • a concise journey through achievements and future steps of the FACILITATE project.
  • a Stakeholders Virtual Roundtable focused on how the project could positively impact their lives (as citizens and patients) or professional endeavors (as researchers, clinicians, pharma, etc).


  • Johanna Blom, Professor of Psychobiology Pediatric & Behavioral Neuroscience, University of Modena, and IHI FACILITATE Coordinator
  • Jean Stimola-Sposaro, Director, Bristol Myers Squibb Global Industry, Human Advocate for Equity in Access, and Informed Decision Making


  • Nuala Ryan (Moderator) Clinical Research Consultant and Patient Advocate, Takeda
  • Paweł Wrona, Neurology Specialist, Investigator, Clinical Research Manager, Academic Assistant, Krakow University Hospital
  • Manuel Franco-Martin, Director of the Research Group of Institute of Biomedicine of Salamanca (IBSAL), Spain
  • Dorica Dan, Patients’ Representative, NoRo Center for Rare Diseases, Romania
  • Nadia Malliou, Patients’ Representative, Pain Alliance Europe and Hellenic League Against Rheumatism, Greece
  • Abba Elizabeth Theogaraj, TransCelerate Representative, PhD Regulatory Senior Group Director, Roche
  • Andrea Manfrin, Deputy Director of Clinical Investigations, Medicines, and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, UK

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For secondary use, trust is the key word

For secondary use, trust is the key word

In the last two months, FACILITATE researchers of Workpackage 3 have organized and managed three different consultations with patients and experts about granularity of choice in Secondary Use of Data in the clinical trial context.The first consultation – entitled...

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A technological process with a legal-ethical core

A technological process with a legal-ethical core

From October 23-27 2023, Horizon Europe 2024 - the European Research Promotion Agency's (APRE) annual event - took place with 5 days of information meetings on the themes and calls of the Framework Program for Research and Innovation.It was a relay of information...

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Demystifying Individual Participant Data Return

Demystifying Individual Participant Data Return

On 17 October, 2023, Johanna Blom, Coordinator of FACILITATE, Véronique Poinsot, Project Leader of FACILITATE and Swapna Pothula, member of the TransCelerate initiative, participated at Scope EU Congress in Barcelona, in a panel entitled “Demystifying Individual...

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Expert patients meet FACILITATE

Expert patients meet FACILITATE

On 15 October 2023, the Accademia del Paziente Esperto EUPATI (AdPEE) held an information event dedicated to the European FACILITATE project at the Rome Scout Center in Rome. Sabrina Grigolo, member of the board of AdPEE, together with some EUPATI Patient Experts -...

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