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27 January 2023, 4-5 pm CET


A Project to Facilitate the Access to Clinical Trial Data and to Manage its Reuse

The current fragmentation of clinical data in separate repositories, and the partition of the data protection laws, among other reasons, make the return and re-use of clinical trial data particularly complex and challenging.

FACILITATE aims at developing an innovative ethical and compliant process for the return of data collected during clinical trials to the study participants and the reuse of these data for research.

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What are the drivers of our project?

  • enable access and portability of patient data
  • strengthen the role of patients in clinical trial strategy and design
  • put patients at the center of the drug development process.

The project brings together stakeholders at all levels in the decision-making chain, including patients, healthcare professionals, software developers, pharma representatives, clinical trial repositories processors and controllers, ethicists, lawyers, and other active regulators.

To better understand FACILITATE’s innovative approach to returning data to trial participants, watch our webinar!


Invited speakers

  • Luca Pani (Project coordinator, UNIMORE)
  • Véronique Poinsot (Project leader, Sanofi)
  • Johanna Blom (Project vice-coordinator, UNIMORE)
  • Daniela Quaggia (WP6 leader, ACN)
  • Pauline Granger (WP2 leader, Sanofi)
  • Deborah Mascalzoni (WP8 leader, EURAC)
  • Nuala Ryan (WP6 leader, Takeda)


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