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Year: 2023 - FACILITATE

Year: 2023

">For secondary use, trust is the key word

In the last two months, FACILITATE researchers of Workpackage 3 have organized and managed three different consultations with patients and experts about granularity of choice in Secondary Use of Data in the clinical trial context.The first consultation – entitled...

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">A technological process with a legal-ethical core

From October 23-27 2023, Horizon Europe 2024 - the European Research Promotion Agency's (APRE) annual event - took place with 5 days of information meetings on the themes and calls of the Framework Program for Research and Innovation.It was a relay of information...

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">Demystifying Individual Participant Data Return

On 17 October, 2023, Johanna Blom, Coordinator of FACILITATE, Véronique Poinsot, Project Leader of FACILITATE and Swapna Pothula, member of the TransCelerate initiative, participated at Scope EU Congress in Barcelona, in a panel entitled “Demystifying Individual...

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">Expert patients meet FACILITATE

On 15 October 2023, the Accademia del Paziente Esperto EUPATI (AdPEE) held an information event dedicated to the European FACILITATE project at the Rome Scout Center in Rome. Sabrina Grigolo, member of the board of AdPEE, together with some EUPATI Patient Experts -...

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">Individual data return is now reality

in the USA, participants to clinical trials can now have consistent and reliable access to their individual data through a Pfizer innovative initiative.Pfizer has made a commitment to return individual data to its clinical trials participants through the Participant...

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">Hand by hand towards trusted alliances

“Returning Individual Participant Data, A Cultural and Organizational Shift Toward Personalized Clinical Trial Options” was the DIA 2023 ILLUMINATE topic for panelists from TransCelerate, MRCT, Pfizer, and FACILITATE, with more than 200 attendees. The panel discussion...

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">Health data sharing: challenges in an interconnected society

On April 26, 2023, the Health & Ageing Law Lab (HALL) of Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) hosted FACILITATE its successful inaugural Health, Law and Technology (HELT) symposium in Brussels. The symposium aimed to explore the challenges and impacts of the European...

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">Striking a balance on good governance

On May 10, 2023, FACILITATE was presented by Prof. Johanna Blom, Deputy coordinator of the FACILITATE project, at the Governance of Medical AI Conference in Hong Kong (9-11 May) organized by the Centre for Medical Ethics and Law (CMEL). CMEL develops new ideas and...

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">FACILITATE meets in Paris

On June 8 and 9 the Semi-Annual Meeting 2023 of FACILITATE took place in Paris, nearly one and a half year since the virtual kick off. It was a successful roundup focusing on interactive work meetings in smaller groups and complemented by plenary sessions. FACILITATE...

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">let’s FACILITATE – Year 2 Issue 2

Jun 1, 2023 |

Towards the second phase FACILITATE is growing as a collaborative consortium and laying the groundwork for the new phase of the project with more tangible outputs. So far, it has been a great cooperative effort towards the definition of pragmatic use cases and...

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